The first two weeks of trading at kingston market are over. It was a nerve racking start to say the least. Having battled for months to design the set up it was fantastic seeing it all come together. It made a real impact in the market which was exactly what we were going for. Wednesday and Thursday were great days and it was a pleasure to meet some of the local customers who I hope will become regulars in the future. Friday was marred by rain and wind but it couldn't have been nice three days in a row now could it. As was expected our ravioli was tried an tested by several curious italians that walked past. One man in particular will stick with me for a long time.

As he approached the stall you could tell this man was in for business. He dually planted his own bowl on the counter and requested to try three of each of the RaviOllie fillings with their respective oils. You could hear Ollie's heart going as he dropped the Rav's into the water; RaviOllie's first real test. During the wait the man increased the pressure with stories of ravioli made by his mother, grandmother and great grandmother  back home in Italy. The timer went off and the Ravs were spread out on his bowl and away he went to meticulously taste our ravioli. We could breath again….

Later that afternoon he returned……. "I have to say that ravioli was as good as my grandmothers, congratulations, 5 stars"

What a first review to receive!  

Fantastic to see a lot of friends and family supporting RaviOllie this week.

Having made an impression we have been offered the saturday position at kingston market. Lets hope to see some more of you down there. Bring on the weekend.