Things started to get serious for us in April. First up we had our first food festival. The urban food fest in Shoreditch. There was so much potential for this day, the music was load there were seats ready for the sun to beat down on them, (the inevitable...) but the weather just didn’t turn up.  It was a great experience and one to be re-visited later this summer.

Our first private event happened in early April too. 25 hungry workers wanted to be cooked for as a one off special business lunch. We laid on plates of tomato, mozzarella and basil salads, dressed with our homemade sun-dried tomato and basil olive oil. After that was gobbled up we delivered the full works; ravioli, garlic sourdough toast and mixed salad. This was no mean feat for this many people and brought my days as a chef flooding back. The people at moog were a pleasure to cook for, loved meeting all of them and even received some extremely positive feedback.

The biggest thing about April was the start of our regular spot at Lower Marsh Market. Our friends over at Sub cult, who are rated number 3 on Timeout’s best street food stalls, had recommended Lower marsh to us. They are great people over there and feed the public non-stop delicious sandwiches. Having got the advice off the best in town we were excited to get going. They were not wrong. There are a huge number of local business’ in waterloo and they swarm like ants to the market for lunch. It is non-stop from 12-2 and then desertland. The people running the show at we are waterloo are fantastic as well and a pleasure to work for. Time to develop some regulars!