Wow what a year it has been. It has been a lot of hard work to get to this point but I can't believe its been a year. The festivals have been fantastic and it has been a lot fun being part of the booming street food scene in London. A year on and it is time to reflect on where we go from here.

We have had some real success in the last few months with starting to supply some farm shops and delicatessens around the Surrey area. It started in the summer when the guys at the Plough Inn came to the Fantastic British Food Festival at Polesden Lacey.  They came to us with a really interesting and exciting proposition. They were setting up a deli on the side of their pub and the plan was to be able to buy things that people can eat in the pub in the deli next door. (Any pub owners out there, take note this is such a great idea!) This got the ball rolling and it has been great to be involved in the development of the deli and fantastic to see our ravioli on the menu in the pub.

As you have seen we get all our meat free-range and from Surrey hill farms and so it is a real pleasure to be selling the end product so locally. We are focusing on growing the supply side of the business and have managed to get into 5 farm shops and deli’s so far with more in the pipeline. We are constantly looking for more opportunities and are excited by the future of this side of the business (especially during winter when being out in a food market really isn’t the one).

But as it starts to get warmer, and it will, eventually, maybe, will it? We are starting to get excited about the markets again. We are booking in a really busy summer of festivals and street food markets so keep an eye out for which ones. For year 2 we hope to continue expanding into lots more shops and gastro pubs whilst keeping the markets and festivals going as well.  If it never gets warmer, at least you can now find the ravioli in the shops!

Where you can buy the ravioli so far:

The Plough inn Deli & Pub, Dorking

Peaslake farm shop, Peaslake

Butcher’s hall & County grocers, Forest Green

Coombe stores, New Malden

Ripley Nurseries Farm shop, Ripley.