Delivery Information

When Will My Order Be Delivered?

You can pick your delivery day at checkout. We deliver Tuesday - Friday except on Bank holidays

How Much Does Delivery Cost?

Delivery is free on all orders over £30. Smaller orders of 1 pack cost £6.95, 2 packs cost £4.

What Can I Expect On Delivery Day?

Our couriers will deliver your order on your chosen day. Our ravioli is frozen, so will arrive in an insulated box. Please put your pasta in the freezer straight away to keep it at the optimum temperature. 

Why Frozen?

Step into any restaurant kitchen and you'll find extra pasta in the freezer; chefs know that this is the best way to preserve fresh pasta's delicate texture.

At RaviOllie, we want to show you that fresh ravioli isn't the dried out disappointment you'll find in the supermarkets, while also tackling the stigma of frozen food. By freezing our ravioli when it's at its best, we can lock in the flavours and protect the pasta from drying out. It also means you can quickly whip up a delicious meal in minutes with no waste, with no need to defrost the pasta before you cook it.


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