About Ollie

RaviOllie's story began in 2016, when Ollie, a passionate pasta enthusiast, started crafting homemade ravioli in his mum's kitchen. His creations quickly gained popularity at local food markets and festivals, and as the business flourished, Ollie's vision extended beyond mere culinary excellence. He recognised the pressing need for sustainability and social responsibility in the food industry, and he vowed to make RaviOllie a force for good.

Our Commitment

RaviOllie's commitment to sustainability took centre stage when we witnessed the surplus pumpkin waste that piled up during the Halloween season. Collaborating with FareShare South West, RaviOllie rescued over 500 pumpkins from landfill, transforming them into delectable ravioli. These wholesome meals were then distributed to charities across the South West, providing nourishment to over 4500 individuals facing food insecurity.

We now have a long term commitment to saving food waste by donating meals to those in need across the SW. This year we committed to donating half a tonne of ravioli and have done it! Hoorah!

We have officially donated 645kg which is over 4550 meals.

Here's to the next tonne & beyond!!

Our Journey

We have come a long way from a team of 2 in our tiny unit in Fishponds to now having a split level warehouse in South Bristol and a team of 10! We proudly supply restaurants, hotels, pubs and everything in between with our high quality ravioli and are hungry for more. Watch this space in 2024 for lots of more exciting things from team RaviOllie.

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