Our Impact


We have taken a lot of time and effort to create a packaging solution that doesn't damage the environment, and we give instructions on how to dispose of your packaging responsibly. So you can enjoy restaurant standard ravioli from the comfort of your own home AND feel good about it.

In 2019 we won the PAPA industry award for our eco-friendly packaging solution.

Sustainability is at the core of everything we do at RaviOllie

We hate food waste.


We launched a new initiative during the Covid-19 pandemic called Planet. People. Pasta. Our suppliers indicated that there were significant amounts of surplus ingredients that were destined for the bin due to the closure of hospitality.

As chefs and as passionate food waste preventers we took this as a challenge; after-all we specialise in a magical product which can be filled with any number of ingredients. We decided to pick up as much surplus food as we could and create ravioli to donate to Fareshare Southwest

We have now adopted a one for one model throughout the business and donate one meal to feed a vulnerable person for every order placed. 

Case Study - Fareshare

In December 2020 we took 500 halloween pumpkins that were destined to be wasted and created a delicious pumpkin and sage filling. We donated a production day to create nearly 5000 individual pieces of ravioli which became over 400 meals for Fareshare Southwest to distribute to vulnerable communities suffering from food poverty.

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