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Flavoured butters

Flavoured butters

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Our own home-infused flavoured butters are the perfect way to finish off your ravioli dish. 

Add these to a pan on a low heat whilst your ravioli is cooking. Let the butter melt a bit and add the cooked ravioli to the butter, add 1 tbsp of the pasta water into the pan. Stir the pasta around the pan to emulsify the butter and create a silky sauce that coats each piece of ravioli. Serve straight away. 

Recommended pairings:

Sage butter - Spinach & Ricotta, Pork sausage, Wild mushroom and truffle,

Garlic & Parsley butter - Squid ink-stained king prawn & Crayfish, Crab mascarpone & Dill, Wild mushroom and blue cheese,

Thyme butter - Beeg ragu, Caramelised pear & Goats cheese

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